Fita Aspires to Make Indonesians Healthier and Empower Coaches

Fita, INDICO's health tech platform that focuses on preventive health, strives to improve Indonesian health through continuous innovation and launch of updates that facilitate effective communication between coaches and their clients within Fita application. For this reason, Fita is proud to introduce the CATCH (Consultation at the Center of Health) platform, aimed at assisting coaches (fitness trainers and nutritionists) in designing personalized exercise programs more effectively.


Chief Executive Officer Fita Reynazran Royono said, “Through the use of 'CATCH', our platform empowers coaches to design highly structured and personalized programs, allowing them to provide guidance to a large number of users simultaneously.”


Furthermore, CATCH platform facilitates coaches in observing health-related goals, tracking training progress, and monitoring health activities of users. This platform furnishes exhaustive and comprehensive management insights about user behavior, which can be utilized to recommend suitable programs for users.


Aside from that, CEO Fita is dedicated to ensuring this preventive health application is accessible to all and assists users in reaching their desired ideal condition. There are more than 800 content of exercise tutorials from certified coaches that users of Fita application can access anytime and anywhere.  


Fita also collaborates with numerous fitness centers to offer combined gym experience, including F45 Kebon Jeruk & Kelapa Gading, Fitnessworks Sidoarjo & Gresik, and Anytime Fitness Bintaro Junction & Taman Anggrek, and many more. Check out more on