Majamojo Launched DynaStones that Combines MOBA and Battle Royale Genres

DynaStones, a game that combines multiple online battle arena (MOBA) and Battle Royale, was officially launched by Majamojo. The game was released alongside the DynaStones national tournament, which was participated by 500 players in Jakarta, Medan, Denpasar, and Manado through a hybrid model. 


Majamojo has teamed up with Telkomsel and GoTo Group via GoPay to establish esports fundamentals on a large scale and create a platform that fosters and discovers talent from our country. With this goal in mind, Majamojo intends to organize 250 DynaStones matches every month across Indonesia on a small and national level.


Majamojo CEO Yudi C. Anwar acknowledges the rapid growth of esports and sees this as a positive development; thus, Majamojo targets DynaStones to become one of the esports branches in Indonesia and is committed to bringing in new players from the local talent pool. The move is expected to strengthen the esports ecosystem and contribute to the growth of the gaming industry, thereby driving the country's economy.


In addition to DynaStones, Majamojo has released two other games with different genres. One is Luna Fantasia Mobile, a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). The second one is Boxing Star: KO Master, a game based on boxing. To offer a range of game genres, Majamojo is working on their upcoming zombie-apocalypse-themed game, Mega Zombie Mobile.


This game will use 3D Pixelated graphics to create a unique and thrilling experience suitable for players of all ages. Mega Zombie Mobile has opened its pre-registration that can be accessed through Be among the first to play Mega Zombie Mobile and have a chance to win some exciting prizes!