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Digital ecosystem

Tinc innovators will be supported by Telkomsel’s sales channels to introduce their solutions and be acknowledged by the market

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Market Access

Telkomsel has 170M+ subscriber and 30K+ corporate customers, where TINC allows the access to market for innovators to sell their innovative solutions

Innovation Lab & Perks

Tinc provides innovation lab equipped with advanced technologies for innovators to build and test their solution and various of perks to support product enhancement and accelerate business growth

Bootcamp & Workshop

An intense monthly session filled with new knowledge and real-world case studies to equip you with the essentials necessary to develop and grow your solution


Mentorship in business, technical and industrial field. Tinc introduces your team to experts in related fields who will mentor you throughout your journey with TINC

Project Buddy

Project buddy to accompany your startups to maintain your development and engage in our ecosystem

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